Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veterans for Dan French

Dear Veteran,

My name is Specialist Gary Gould and I’m a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. While I was overseas I constantly thought of the world I left behind. My service demanded that I live in many different locations, but I always considered Dutchess County home. Nothing means more to me, which is why I’m writing to you today.

War gives you perspective on what’s important and what you care about. It makes you realize what a true friend is and the importance of loyalty. My friend Dan French was there when I shipped off, but more importantly he was there when I came back. Anybody who has served knows that a homecoming is about more than parades and celebrations and Dan seemed to grasp that better than anyone else. Some people tried talking to me about what I had been through- Dan listened. He stayed by my side throughout my entire experience. He had been the first one to write, the first to show up when I needed him, and he is the last to leave.

This loyalty wasn’t unusual for Dan; it’s what everybody who knows him has come to expect. Dan is a loving husband-to-be and a devoted son. After the death of his father Dan did his duty and returned home to take care of his family. He put his life on hold, something that couldn’t have been easy, but for Dan there was no hesitation.

This Tuesday Dan is on the ballot to become our next County Executive. Dutchess County needs a leader, and I know from my service that good leadership can only come from a person of strong character. When I was young my father always told me that wisdom could be found either through years of studies or a single day on the battlefield. Dan French has spent the years needed to learn how to properly run a government. He’s a committed public servant, not another career politician. 

There’s nobody I would trust more to do what’s right for this county than Dan French. I know from my own experience that a vote for him is a vote for a good man. He’s been there for me, for his family, and I know that he’ll be there for Dutchess County. I urge you to consider him this Election Day.

Spc. Gary Gould

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