Thursday, June 23, 2011

Notes on "A Call to Increase the Minimum Wage"

This is (hopefully) one of the few speeches that I'll publish without a particular politician in mind. I started out writing it for President Obama, but realized two paragraphs in that it's impossible to deliver this message without using the type of heated, populist, progressive rhetoric that he avoids at all cost. All Presidents try to stay above the fray, but he particularly has to always be aware of how his opponents will try to spin his words to fit their narrative of him as an anti-capitalist.

There's also the minor caveat that the proposal in this speech has no chance of succeeding in today's Congress (I think it's obvious enough why). Every time the President calls for something, but fails to deliver he is weakened. That's why I think this speech would work best for a candidate for Congress, running in a blue state, who readily identifies himself as liberal or progressive, and who is either running in a primary or struggling to gain attention from fundraisers. Unfortunately there are few people that fit that description- maybe there's someone in a state like Vermont. It's too bad- I genuinely think this would be a great boost for the economy, and would really help both the deficit and the working poor.

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